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Tree Disease Types

Sick tree, diseased tree

signs of sick or diseased trees.

Trees can get sick just like any other living thing. This could be due to disease or because the tree has become infested with pests. Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm disease are the most common disease and pest problems. The most effective and efficient option is prevention but when it is too late you need the professionals at Golden Oak Tree Service, Inc. Our Certified Arborists will restore your trees back to health after finding out exactly what the problem is and then targeting the root cause.
Trees can become vulnerable to disease for a number of reasons but the main culprits are a lack of water, nutrients, and soil issues. If one or more of these essential elements is missing the tree can suffer from trauma and eventually become sick. The disease will usually originate from a viral, fungal, or bacterial cause. The complications that exist make it pertinent that the tree is evaluated by a professional.
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