Protect Your Yard From Pesky Pests

Protect Your Yard From Pesky Pests

Trust an invasive insect control professional in Rosemount, St Paul, and Eagan, MN

As a property owner, you'll want to be aware of the pests that can threaten the lifespan of your trees. One of those pests is the emerald ash borer (EAB), and they might be putting your trees at risk.

If you have ash trees in your yard and you're facing pest damage, tree services from Golden Oak Tree Service are the answer. We offer invasive insect control services in Rosemount, St Paul, and Eagan, MN, and the surrounding areas.

Know the signs of EAB

Emerald ash borers can damage and even kill your trees, resulting in fallen trees and branches on your property. Luckily, the disease is easy to recognize. It might be time to schedule invasive insect control services if you notice:

  • Thinning and yellowing leaves
  • D-shaped holes in the bark
  • Canopy and bark loss

Don't face the damaging effects of emerald ash borers alone. Call Golden Oak Tree Service for all pest damage tree services.