Did you know that there are 181,394 tree trimming and removal businesses in the US?

One of the main reasons the industry is in high demand at the moment is because of the increase in commercial construction. Other reasons might include removing diseased trees or removing excess trees.

If you need to hire a commercial tree removal service then here is everything you need to know about the process and what you can expect.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Commercial Tree Removal Service?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to hire a commercial tree removal service, such as your tree is damaged either from a storm or from an infection, or your tree is dead due to a drought.

Tree removal services also offer tree maintenance, which means that they can trim branches from your tree, this is known as a pruning service. Trimming branches can help to keep your tree in good shape and can prevent your tree from dying if treated early enough.

The main reasons why companies call professional tree removal services is because their tree’s branches are dead, or diseased, or because the tree is already dead and it needs removing.

There are two main telling signs that your tree needs the help of an expert, one of them is that the branches are rotten and the other is that the tree doesn’t have any leaves.

What is the Process of Tree Removal?

Arboriculture industries report that they spend a lot of time completing short term services such as lawn maintenance and home care. And less time with long-term tree services, however, this is becoming more of a priority for people.

Currently, only 6% of the work in the arboriculture industry is directly related to tree care. However, with the number of people who feel that it is important to spend time outside (3 out of 4 people, according to a recent Harris Poll), this number is expected to rise.

So if you are among the people who need to hire tree removal services here is everything you can expect.

1. Clear the Area

Something that you can do before the professional tree removal experts arrive is clearing the area around the tree. Tree removal and/or pruning needs to have an adequate amount of space around the area so that the branches or tree can fall down safely.

If you are a business who has a tree that needs removing in your staff car park, for example, make sure you get your employees to park somewhere else whilst the removal of the tree is happening.

The best way to clear the area safely is by estimating the height of the tree and clearing a big enough space for it to land.

2. Tree Examination

The tree removal services that you have called in to complete the job will then examine the tree. They need to know how best to cut down the tree and what direction it will fall.

It is best to leave this to the experts because trees can sometimes have hidden rot in branches or tree trunks. This can mean that it falls in a completely different direction to what you thought it would.

3. Assess the Situation

Your tree removal team will then assess the situation and work out how best to safely climb the tree and how to remove it. They will carefully plan the routes and how the tree will fall.

Should they need you to remove anything else from the area below after they have thoroughly assessed the situation, they will ask you.

4. Tree Cutting

Once the team is ready to go ahead with the tree cutting, they will start by undercutting the tree. This process should be very easy for them to do, especially if they are an experienced tree removal service.

Undercutting means that they cut a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the side that they want the tree to fall. This will be about a quarter of the tree’s diameter.

Then they will start back-cutting the tree. This means that they will go to the opposite side of the tree and cut through to about 2 inches above the undercut. This tree cutting process helps to release the stress on the tree trunk so that the tree cutting can be done accurately.

5. Clean up

Once the team has successfully pruned or cut down your troublesome tree, they will clean up the remains. So you don’t need to worry about getting rid of the tree.

The team will probably use a chopper to make the branches or tree smaller and more manageable. They will either try to recycle the tree so that it can be used as firewood, or they will put it into a wood chipper.

Learn more about the tree removal process here.

Why is Commercial Tree Removal Important?

The obvious reason why commercial tree removal is important for your business is because you are liable for the land.

If the tree is dangerous and poses a threat to the public then you need to remove it. Otherwise, you might face the risk of getting sued.

Alternatively, if you think that the tree is unruly and causing structural damage to your property then you might want to remove it so that it doesn’t damage your property.

Find a Commercial Tree Removal Service

Now that you know how the process of tree removal works, you need to find a commercial tree removal service that is right for you and your business.

At Golden Oak, we provide a variety of tree services, including tree removal and tree trimming. Contact us today to get your free estimate.


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