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Stump Removal

stump removal & stump grinding If you have a tree that needs removal or stumps that need grinding, you are going to want to make sure of a few things; the company is fully insured, is experienced, and takes all of the debris with them. This is when it is best to call Golden Oak Tree Service, Inc.
Our certified arborists offer a free estimate and consultation for the most thorough evaluation possible. We will discuss all of your options with you. We will be glad to discuss and questions or concerns that you might have. Then, we will set up a convenient time to take care of the job.
Since each job and the needs of each client differ, we will ascertain any permits needed and consult with your utility providers, if needed. We will make sure that everything other than the tree(s) being removed stays intact. We will ensure that the job is completed professionally, quickly, and safely. Stump removal is optional.
Golden Oak Tree Services, Inc. is serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area.

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