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Storm Damage Problems & Accessing the Destruction

Large tree knocked over by stormIt just stormed with high winds, lightening, and a lot of rain. Your trees are not looking so good about now but how do you know when it is time to call in the professionals? Trees are tall and often it is impossible to access the true damage from the ground. Some good indications that you need to call for help include:
  • Trees that are leaning. This indicates root damage that could be pretty bad. The result of this left not being addressed is a very dangerous situation.
  • If you cannot reach broken or hanging branches with a simple stretch then you should call the professionals. These must be trimmed up the right way.
  • If any trunks or limbs of the tree have been split you should call in help right away as branches or sometimes even the whole tree must be removed.
  • If you have a tree that has fallen then you will likely need to call for professional help.
  • Trees that have lost a good amount of leaves should be evaluated. It can affect the health of the tree. Sometimes just nutrients or fertilization can help but the professionals should access this.
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