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  Tree fell on home

Wind damage and ice accumulation from storms can lead to tree failure. If your trees have been damaged from a recent storm then you need to call an expert in.  At Golden Oak Tree Service, Inc. our Certified Arborist can access the damage caused to your trees from any kind of storm. Storms can leave trees very vulnerable and create very dangerous situations. Power lines can be involved, broken branches, trunks can split, roots can be up-heaved, and trees can fall. This can be very dangerous for the homeowner, safety is our #1 concern. We can handle any type of damage done to your trees and get it done safely and efficiently.

When this happens it is important that the professionals are left to carefully calculate exactly what the damages are. The last thing any property owner needs is unnecessary costs that resulted from tree damage that could have been taken care of very modestly and quickly. We work with any insurance company if damage is done to your home, fence, or outbuildings by your trees.

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Storm Damage Problems & Accessing the Destruction

Large tree knocked over by stormIt just stormed with high winds, lightening, and a lot of rain. Your trees are not looking so good about now but how do you know when it is time to call in the professionals? Trees are tall and often it is impossible to access the true damage from the ground. Some good indications that you need to call for help include:

  • Trees that are leaning. This indicates root damage that could be pretty bad. The result of this left not being addressed is a very dangerous situation.

  • If you cannot reach broken or hanging branches with a simple stretch then you should call the professionals. These must be trimmed up the right way.

  • If any trunks or limbs of the tree have been split you should call in help right away as branches or sometimes even the whole tree must be removed.

  • If you have a tree that has fallen then you will likely need to call for professional help.

  • Trees that have lost a good amount of leaves should be evaluated. It can affect the health of the tree. Sometimes just nutrients or fertilization can help but the professionals should access this.

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Let me start by saying we had never had our trees professionally trimmed before, so this was a new experience. 

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Brian explained the process in a way that made sense to me. We had done some research on the cost before calling Golden Oak. They actually came in under what we had budgeted for, so we were able to get more done than we expected.

They trimmed 11 trees total for us and did a phenomenal job. From the moment I met Brian until the final scoop of clean-up, I couldn’t have been more pleased with Brian and his crew.

Normally IF I rate or review anything I don’t give a top mark because I feel there is always room for improvement, but I have to say that Golden Oak has it figured out.

Doug Jaworski

We hired Golden Oak Tree Service to trim 12 trees and large bushes on our lot that had become overgrown.

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Brian and his group were very responsive and gave us a fair price. They came at the time promised and cleaned up exceptionally when they were done. We are very happy with the work they completed for us. I highly recommend their services.

Tracy Nelson

The guys at Golden Oak did a great job with our trees. One tree needed to be taken down, 3 others trimmed.

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They worked quickly and did a nice job cleaning up after. They even trimmed the trunk to the exact height my girls requested so that the girls could use the stump as a tea party table.

Andrew McDonald

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