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Storm Damage

Tree fell on home

Storm damage tree removal Apple Valley

        Wind damage and ice accumulation from storms can lead to tree failure. If your trees have been damaged from a recent storm then you need to call an expert in.  At Golden Oak Tree Service, Inc. our Certified Arborist can access the damage caused to your trees from any kind of storm. Storms can leave trees very vulnerable and create very dangerous situations. Power lines can be involved, broken branches, trunks can split, roots can be up-heaved, and trees can fall. This can be very dangerous for the homeowner, safety is our #1 concern. We can handle any type of damage done to your trees and get it done safely and efficiently.
       When this happens it is important that the professionals are left to carefully calculate exactly what the damages are. The last thing any property owner needs is unnecessary costs that resulted from tree damage that could have been taken care of very modestly and quickly. We work with any insurance company if damage is done to your home, fence, or outbuildings by your trees.
Call Golden Oak Tree Service, Inc. and allow us to evaluate your situation and give you a free estimate. Call us around the clock at 651-428-3626.
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