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There are over 284,000 people employed in the arboreal industry. Understandably, it can be overwhelming to pick just one company to take care of your tree service needs.

While you can certainly try and trim your trees and shrubs on your own, there are more complicated matters that’ll require a professional. This is especially true if there are safety hazards involved, such as a downed tree on your roof.

If you’re considering hiring a tree service company soon, here are 7 key questions to ask before you commit.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

This is the most important to ask, as tree service isn’t as simple as cutting down branches and removing stumps. Often, the roots can get deep enough to run into plumbing, or the branches can grow long enough to get near windows on your property.

You want a licensed and insured company to handle these issues since it can be a real headache if anything goes wrong. A certified arborist will know how and where to cut on a tree so it’ll flourish while keeping your home safe.

Should anything happen while the company is on the job, insurance will give both you and them full coverage. While an unlicensed contractor can be much cheaper, you’ll be paying more in the long run if there are any issues.

2. Which Organizations Do You Belong To?

A license and insurance are two basic things a tree service company must have. Another plus is membership in industry organizations.

A company’s involvement with industry organizations can show you several things. First, that they’re dedicated to the pulse of the industry and that they’re interested in providing you with the latest and greatest in both techniques and technology.

Second, it shows that they’re a respected member of the community. You can have confidence that they’re a reputable company.

3. What Are the Terms for Your Quotes?

Sure, a tree service company may offer free quotes, but how long is it good for, exactly? You don’t want to get an attractive quote, employ their services next month, then find out the price has changed.

When looking for a good company to work with, you want to take your time. But you also don’t want any quotes to expire, as you’ll just have to start all over again.

In your calls, make sure to establish how long the quotes are valid for. If they insist that it’s only good for the phone call, then you might want to look elsewhere. Companies that put a lot of pressure on their clients usually aren’t good to work with.

4. What’s Your Experience Like?

Obviously, the longer a company’s been in business, the better it is for you. They’ll have seen and dealt with a number of issues. This means they can perform a variety of services smoothly and efficiently.

Not only should you look at a company’s years of experience, but you should also consider how often they’ve dealt with your particular problem. For instance, a tree service company may have been in business for decades, but only handled storm damage problems a handful of times.

If you know exactly what the issue is, be sure to ask the company how experienced they are in handling it. Also, check out what their previous customers have to say on online reviews.

5. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Some tree care companies will use subcontractors or temporary laborers for their work. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can have some negative consequences.

For example, it’s harder for the company to maintain its standard of quality if they’re using subcontractors that don’t work with them long term. Also, since the temporary laborers have no direct stake in the company, they may not do the best work possible.

You want to hire a company that has workers who are invested in high-quality work, so it’s best to avoid those that use subcontractors, if possible.

6. Will This Job Need Permits?

Some bigger and more complicated jobs will need permits from the locality. If you own your house and are part of a homeowners’ association, you may even need to clear the job with them too.

Make sure you aren’t inadvertently breaking the law when getting tree service, as you can get fined and also fall out of your neighbor’s good graces. Make sure everything goes smoothly by doing some of your own research, then asking the company to apply for the appropriate permits if they haven’t already done so.

7. How Will You Clean up the Area Afterward?

Tree service companies can do an excellent job, but then leave your property looking as if a tornado came through. That’s perfectly acceptable, so long as it’s clear in the contract that they’re not going to do any cleanup services afterward.

If you’d rather have them do a complete job and clear away all debris after the job’s finished, make sure you communicate that before they even start the job. Establish exactly what they’re going to do and how much you’re going to pay for it if it’s not included in the service charges.

Get the Best Tree Service Company in Your Area

By asking these 7 questions, you’ll be able to get the best tree service company in your town. Don’t just go with the company with the cheapest quote, as you often get what you pay for. Instead, take the time to do some research and interview each company so you spend your money in the best way possible.

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